Upcoming Events
The second Briefing and Networking event, will was held November 1, 2013 - the next briefing will be after the first of the year. 

The first East Bay Biz-Seminar: Advancing Manufacturing, November 15, 2013 has just been completed. Handouts, speaker presentations and info and counselor lists/wibsites can be viewed on the East Bay EDA website by clicking here.

Information on the second business seminar: Building a Better Construction Business, can be obtained by clicking here.

Video, photographs and handouts from the first Briefing and Networking event on August 23, 2013 can be seen by clicking here.

Information on the next Briefing and a series of 5 Seminars for businesses in targeted industries like Advanced Manufacturing, Cottage Food, Retail, Restaurants and Building Trades can be found on the Events page

In addition, training on key topics like marketing, financing, planning etc.) and more are being provided by our resource partners and can be quickly found on our East Bay Small Business Events Calendar. 

Visit the 2012 Symposium event webpages for info on participating finance, marketing, and many more business resources, photos and video!

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The following are the Business Development and Resource sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring these events and this website or individual Briefings or Seminars, please click here for the sponsor package.

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What is the East Bay Small Business Portal?

An on-line "clearing-house" of information for East Bay small businesses:

  • Resources available to small businesses by city through a geographical resource map webpage, an alphabetical business resource list with program descriptions and contact information, and in the future, a resource search webpage and a resource phone app. 
  • Calendar of small business events hosted by resources like the Alameda County and the Contra Costa SBDCs, East Bay SCORE, SBA, international trade and other resource organizations.
  • Webinars and other online training/information/assistance tools;
  • Special Events held by the Small Business Initiative partners;
  • Partners - Initiative leadership, city and county economic development contacts and chamber of commerce serving the East Bay.
  • Future - chat room/blog for businesses, information on starting a business in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties and more! 

How and Why Was It Founded?

The East Bay EDA's "Building on Our Assets" report published in October 2011 found that nearly 70% of jobs in the East Bay are created by businesses employing less than 100 people.  It also found that 47% of companies with 1-2 employees and 49% of with 3-25 employees fail during their first five years of operation. 

The East Bay Small Business Initiative was launched in 2012 to help make small businesses more successful by connecting them to resources that most were not aware of.  Four Small Business Symposiums were held throughout the East Bay to connect entrepreneurs, small business startups, growing and mature business owners with resources and business professionals that could address their specific needs.

This website was created to support the Symposiums and connect businesses to sources, information and training programs being provided by the Alameda County Small Business Development Center, the Contra Costa Small Business Development Center, East Bay SCORE, international trade and other resource organizations.

By almost every measure, the Initiative was successful. Click here for the 3-pg summary or click here for a complete review of the 2012 Small Business Initiative and Symposiums.

What is the Current Plan?

We discovered that additional support was needed to make training programs available to businesses in the sub-regions of the East Bay so the support and coordination of the "Breakout Sessions" of the Symposiums have been transferred into a series of at least 12 Training Seminars.

The Symposiums have become Briefing and Networking events that  provide more content from featured speakers on important topics and a Networking session in which businesses can still connect with East Bay resources with information tables and representatives.

Strategic direction,  policies, and resources for these activities and EDA's other business development, expansion and attraction programs are being directed by the East Bay EDA’s Business Development and Resources Committee, through appropriate work through committees, tasks forces and work groups.

Click here to learn more about EDA's plan and focus areas/activities for FY 13-14.

Who is Involved?

You can be!  Leadership Teams for the Briefing and Networking events, the Seminars and website are open to volunteers with expertise and resources that are needed to make this all happen. 

 The Briefing and Networking events are being organized by the East Bay EDA and its partners that include the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa, the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, US Small Business Association and Wells Fargo.

Overall coordination of the Seminars is also being provided by a Leadership Team led by East Bay EDA, while the Seminars are being coordinated by the Contra Costa and Alameda County Small Business Development Centers and East Bay SCORE, with the support of related resource partners and host cities and chambers. 

A Leadership Team will also be redesigning and enhancing this Portal and related sections of the www.eastbayeda.org website to support and engage all of the East Bay resources and assist as many business owners as possible, from startups to mature East Bay companies, and businesses looking at making the East Bay their home. 

Funding partners and technical expertise and needed and welcome for each element.  Come join us! 

How can I connect?

Small businesses can connect by attending one of the events, find resources on the resources page or look for those available by geographic area by clicking on the resource map page, or going to the register form and request assistance.

For more information on the events or to register, see the events page or check for the East Bay small business events on the website Calendar.  To be notified when events are placed on the Calendar, check the "Subscribe:iCal / RSS link under the Calendar Month and Year.  Additional East Bay events and training programs for financing, marketing, use of social media and many other topics are also viewable and searchable on this Calendar.   

If you would like to be emailed information on future Small Business events and programs, or if you are a small business with a need that the resources on our list cannot help with, you can use the registration form to provide your contact information and identify your need/request.   

For more information or to participate as a sponsor or resource, please contact EDA staff person, Keith Sutton, (510) 272-3885 or keith@eastbayeda.org.